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Model Onderzeeboot Hr Ms KIX 1/100

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  • Model Onderzeeboot Hr Ms KIX 1/100

    This is a scracht built model of the submarine K IX at 1/100 scale.

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    Very nice model. Is this a modelling kit or selfmade?
    In time of War, but not before,
    God and the Sailor we adore ashore.
    Buth when War is over and Peace remitted,
    God is forgotten and the Sailor quited.


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      This is a scracht built model, built from wood, metals and plastic, from the original dockyard plans of the submarine


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        With the Japanese advance to Java in 1942, the K-IX escaped to Fremantle and was subsequently stationed in Sydney. Later she was commissioned as a unit of the Royal Australian Navy, and named HMAS K9, the hull was converted to carry diesel oil. The ship ran ashore at Fiona Beach on 8 June 1945 after slipping the tow of its transport, Hr Ms Abraham Crijnssen, on a voyage to Brisbane. The wreck was bought at auction in July 1945 for £985, but overall salvage efforts failed. In 1977, that part of Fiona Beach was officially renamed Submarine Beach in honor of the lost vessel. Today, the K-IX wreck is buried under several meters of beach sand, having been rediscovered in July 1999 by a maritime archaeological survey.
        Vriendelijke groet, Hans.

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