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  • Hr.Ms.Buyskes

    17 November. The Welcome Ceremony of the Netherlandic hydrography vessel BUYSKES was held on 17 November in Liepāja Dock 89.

    On the grounds of the agreement made between the Minister of Defence of Latvia and the Netherlands Minister of Defence, the hydrography vessel BUYSKES was donated to the Latvian Naval Force on 8 November, 2004.
    The hydrography vessel has been put into operation in 1973. On the grounds of the order of the Minister of Defence Atis Slakteris, the broadside's number A90 and the name VARONIS was assigned to the vessel. VARONIS length is 60 m, width is 11,1 m, draught- 3,7 m, and has a crew of 43 people.
    The vessel is included in the Patrolling Squadron of the Naval Force Flotilla and is planned to use as staff and logistics vessel for Baltic Naval Squadron and Patrolling Squadron as well, for cadets training, ecological monitoring and oil pollution abatement.
    The vessel's commander is Lieutenant Commander Artis Tirzmalis
    Buyskes veronis A90.1.jpg

    Buyskes veronis A90.2.jpg

    Buyskes veronis A90.5.jpg

    Buyskes veronis A90.6.jpg

    Buyskes veronis A90.jpg

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    Gezocht: cadeau van Buyskes

    Sorry dat ik het bericht hier plaats maar het lukt me niet anders.
    Ik ben als verrassing voor mijn man op zoek naar iets v Hr Ms Buyskes A904.
    Een schilderij, miniatuur model of iets anders. Wie kan me aub helpen?