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Admiral Von Bek or Von Beck

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  • Admiral Von Bek or Von Beck

    My ancestor Admiral von Bek or Von Beck was an officer in the Dutch Fleet during the Revolutionary War in aiding the United States of America to achieve independence.

    My family claims that George Washington sent him a letter commending the Dutch Fleet in achieving its goals.

    My details are limited. Can anyone assist me in finding out who was a mbr of the dutch navy during that period of time. Which is from 1775 - 1783 during the revolutionary war..

    thanks again..


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    The name closest to what you write in Dutch would be van Beek. Unfortunately, the lists with names of all Navy Officers go back only to 1833, these I can access at my work.

    Admirals are normally remembered a bit longer, information might be present at the NIMH (National Institute for Military History) in The Hague. When I have a chance I'll enquire for you.
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      van Beek (von Beck)

      There are no flagofficers (admiralen/luit.-admiralen/Vice-admiralen/Schout bij nacht/commandeurs/generalen der mariniers) named van Beek or von Beck in the Netherlands navy during that time (thanks to Het Admiralenboek 1382/1991). Meaby kapitein or lower??? Greatings G.Horneman
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        Thanks again for your time. Nice work guys.