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Question re loading of Hr. Ms. De Ruyter's main guns

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  • Question re loading of Hr. Ms. De Ruyter's main guns

    First, as I do not speak Dutch I would kindly ask that any replies be in English please.

    Can anyone say with any certainty what level / angle the main guns (150mm) on De Ruyter (and Hr. Ms. Java for that matter) needed to be at to reload? Asked another way, what is the maximum elevation those guns could be reloaded at?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Perhaps important before we continue our search, I have a question.

    I am no expert on armaments, but Hr Ms De Ruyter (1936) was controlled by a Hazemeyer patent fire control system and was built by Wilton Fijenoord under license from the Swedish Bofors. Hr Ms Java (1925)
    built at Koninklijke Maatschappij De Schelde (KMS), Vlissingen and received as main armament: 10 pieces 15cm guns from Krupp. Does this make a difference in the reload angle

    8 guns.jpg

    Eight of the 14.91 cm guns for "Java's" main armament at the "De Schelde" shipyard. These Krupp guns were originally meant for the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein near Coblenz., Germany.

    amount of men.jpg

    This shows the amount of men needed for one gun. There usually is a non-com or officer in attendance. The gunner is ramming a grenade into the breach while a sailor is holding a casing with cordite at the ready.

    Bron pictures: "Hr. Ms. Kruisers "Java" en "Sumatra" by J.Anten.

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    Vriendelijke groet, Hans.

    "Om de kracht van het anker te voelen moet men de storm trotseren". (Pas als je iets ernstig meemaakt, weet je op wie je kan vertrouwen).


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      Thank you for your reply sir. And you are correct, that is I should have phrased my question diferently or at least seperated the question into two parts, one for the single mounts on Java, and the other for the double turrets (plus one single mount) on De Ruyter.

      And thanks for posting the photo of the reloading of the single - on Hr. Ms. Sumatra? if my memory serves me well, which is not always the case :-( as it has been many years since I had access to my copy of the book you refer to, and the one on De Ruyter - which shows it being loaded at a low angle.

      So my question still remains as to what was the maximum elevation they could be at to be reloaded, or did they have to be brought down after each firing to about the angle / elevation we see in the photo?