Not sure how many here have read the somewhat underwhelming 2020 published Osprey booklet Java Sea 1942, but in it are paintings of ships (HIJMS Haguro, Hr. Ms. De Ruyter and HMS Exeter to be exact) during the Battle of Java Sea, which are displayed double page in the booklet. Now while the artist (Jim Laurier) is a very good artist, whomever commissioned the paintings obviously didn't do their due diligent historical homework shall we say. So, I have been 'working' with the artist of late to correct said errors, which does no good for the book, but does so for anyone wanting to buy prints of his artwork, i.e. in this case me.

Easy to fix was a beautiful one of Haguro (and a partly hidden Nachi), as all that was needed for that one was to flip the image horizontally so Haguro was heading to the west when firing torps (to port) at the Allied battle line, not east as it shows in the book (and firing them to starboard!). De Ruyter took a bit more work with the guns now pointing at the correct angle as confirmed when the wreck was discovered in 2002 (forward off to starboard, rear directly astern - not all off to port as the book shows), and the track / 'wake' the torpedo left behind is now shown in this 'corrected' version; while the Exeter painting's error is minor enough that most people would not even know what it is, so it is not really in need of 'fixing' so to speak.
Anyway, below shows first, Haguro firing at the Allied battle and second, Exeter on the receiving end circa same time frame as it were and third, De Ruyter being hit by a torpedo from Haguro later that same night. Very nice artwork! (Should anyone want to buy a print, please just contact the artist directly; I have no part in, nor profit from, any sale.)