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  • Sir Ian the Naughty

    Thanks for the recommendation of those books. "Submarine" sounds perfect! Thanks for the recommendation of those other books I will check those out as well. Funny you should mention "Crimson Tide" I have watched that a few times. Also "The Hunt for Red October" and "Das Boot: The Mini Series".

    Thanks again,

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  • Willem Cool
    The movie "Crimson Tide" will give you an idea about procedures
    aboard a modern submarine.
    There are also a couple of books I can recomment...
    Tom Clancy wrote a couple of fine novells covering the subject
    of submarine warfare, as are, SSN, Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising
    (the last titel covers the total spectrum of modern warfare tough).
    Then there is the novell from John Wingate, "The Submarine", where the
    British submarine procedures are displayed.
    Both writers are former naval officers, so I think they now what they are writing about.

    This is yust a short summon of books you can read, but there are many more to be
    found in the libary's.

    Greetings and good luck with your own writing,

    Willem Cool

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  • Sir Ian the Naughty
    started a topic Submarine Script Help

    Submarine Script Help


    I am an aspiring screenwriter. I am working on a scene for a script in which a submarine is ordered to torpedo a civilian ship. In order to write the scene I need to know everything that would happen (everything that would be said and done from the moment the message was received to the moment the ship is destroyed). Obviously I realize that this information might not be available but I only need to know the basic facts (commands/technical jargon in the order that they would be said). I can make up the rest!

    Thank you in advance. On a side note if anyone can recommend a book or a documentary about life aboard a submarine.

    EDIT: Forgot to add this is a modern submarine not a WW2 submarine.