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Dutch warship to participate in TBMD exercise

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    Dutch warship to participate in TBMD exercise

    The HNLMS Tromp, one of the Royal Netherlands Navy's four LCF air defence frigates, will take part in a US Navy exercise in coming November off Hawaii. The role for the Dutch ship to play in this exercise is to provide early warning to US participants with its SMART-L long-range 3D radar.

    The Tromp's SMART-L radar has already received 'Extended Long Range' modifications to increase the probability of detection against ballistic missile-type targets. An Aegis cruiser will assume the role of shooter with SM-3 missiles. When facing ballistic missile threats, the SMART-L may 'stare' in the direction where the missiles would come from, not rotating at all.

    In a scenario the Dutch envisioned, an air defence frigate stationed off the Dutch coast could cover the whole of the Netherlands, Belgium, part of northeast France and part of southeast England against ballistic missiles fired from Iran. The Iranian missile was detected while flying over the Czech Republic and shot down over Germany in the scenario.

    Below is Thales Nederland's press release about the upcoming test. ... 060110.htm