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Opnemingsvaartuig Luymes (ex Gyosei Maru)

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  • Opnemingsvaartuig Luymes (ex Gyosei Maru)

    I was suggested to ask my question to this message board at j-aircraft (

    I found photos of "Opnemingsvaartuig Luymes (ex Gyosei Maru)" at (Nos. 001695 & 001696)

    Gyosei Maru was used as an escort ship by the Japanese Army.

    According to our discussion at j-aircraft, probably the origin of Gyosei Maru was ex-Chinese Tanleum while photos of "Opnemingsvaartuig Luymes" looks like the British Bangor class minesweeper (maybe Lantan).

    If "Opnemingsvaartuig Luymes" is ex-Bangor Class minesweeper, her origin is not Gyosei Maru, but Gyoshin Maru.

    Does anyone know the origin of "Opnemingsvaartuig Luymes" in detail?

    Gengoro S. Toda

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    In 'Onze Vloot' April 1947, blz.80.
    Het heeft H.M. de Koningin behaagd het ex-Japansche vaartuig "Gyosei Maru", dat
    in Nederlandsch-Indië als opnemingsvaartuig in dienst gesteld zal worden, den
    naam te geven van: Luymes.

    the queen named the ex Japanes vessel Gypsei Maru in Luymes, the ship dit not served in the Dutch Navy


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      Hello Mr. Swierstra,

      The photos of Luymes look like ex-Bangor class minesweeper, but probably it is not the case.
      Thank you for valuable information.
      Gengoro S. Toda


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        An article in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia says that HMS "Landan" (ex "Beaulieu") entered
        Japanese service as a mercantile under the name of "Gyosei Maru" in 1942.
        In 1943 renamed "Shima Maru".
        If the ship fell in Dutch hands in 1945 under the name of "Gyosei Maru" it couldn't have been
        the ex "Landan".
        So perhaps it is indeed the Chinese vessel you mentioned.

        Rob H.


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          Hello Mr. Seiner,

          It seems to me that source of Wikipedia is one of H.T. Lenton's books. According to our discussion at j-aircraft, it is error that Gyosei Maru was renamed "Kagoshima Maru", "Kago Maru" or "Shima Maru".

          Anyway various comments were welcome. Thank you for information.
          Gengoro S. Toda