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M-Class Frigates to Portugal

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  • M-Class Frigates to Portugal

    Rumours are going on in Portugal that most likely, the 2 M class frigates that would be tranferred to the Portuguese Navy will be the

    F831- Hr Ms Van Amstel

    F833- Hr Ms Van Nes

    Does anyone any info confirming this (or not)?

    Also there are talks that the 1st Ship should join the Portuguese Navy somewhere middle-2008.

    Can anyone confirm?

    Thanks in Advance!


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    Both mentioned ships are indeed for sale, Portugal is one of the most serious potential customers. The contracts have yet to be signed though. One of the things that had to be agreed on was the delivery date. Portugal would like to have the frigates delivered by the middle of 2008. The RNLN however still has obligations to NATO and the defense of the Netherlands Antilles and is not willing to deliver before the end of 2008.
    Another problem is the question of training and maintenance capacity. Both the RNLN training facilities and maintenance establishment are booked solid till halfway 2007 with other obligations.


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      Portuguese media reported last Friday that the final agreement between Portugal and The Netherlands for the transfer of 2 M-Class Frigates should be signed still this month.

      As Rich wrote, the RNLN is still using both Frigates that will be transferred, so as reported by the media, the 1st Frigate should be handed over to Portugal in 2008 and the 2nd in 2009, after maintenance in a Dutch Shipyard, before final transfer.

      Paralel to this it seems that Portugal and Uruguay have reached an agreement for Uruguay to purchase the 2 remainder Frigates of the "João Belo" class.

      This is still to be confirmed officially.


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        I got this info on another forum, that "seems" to corroborate my toughts above...

        State Secretary of Defence Van der Knaap (jun 16th, 2006)

        "We have, as it happens, concluded a letter of intent with a NATO country concerning sale of two remained M-fregatten. I have only agreed with that country that the internal procedure must be wound up firstly, before I can bring this to outside."

        Source: Tweede Kamer (House of Commons), vergaderjaar (Session) 2005-2006, 30 550 X, nr. 10

        The commission for defence has presented a number of questions to the State Secretary of Defence concerning the letter of the State Secretary of Defence dd 18 May 2006 concerning three need reviews which determine part of the Navy study 2005 (kamerstuk 30,300 X, no. 95). The State Secretary answered these questions by letter of 6 September 2006.

        "After shedding four M-frigates the Netherlands preserves a capacity of six frigates; namely, four LC-frigates and two M-frigates. With Belgium it has been contractual agreed that two M-frigates will be transferred in the beginning of 2007 and the beginning 2008. Concerning the remaining two M-frigates to be shed from service, contract negotiations are on-going, but it is expected that these ships will be transferred late 2008 and end 2009. In view of the anticipated required time for making the last ship sales-ready she is expected to be decommissined from service by late 2008."

        Source: Tweede Kamer (House of Commons), vergaderjaar (Session) 2005-2006, 30 300 X, nr. 138

        The last letter also mentions that the M-frigates may be transferred prior to the delivery and commisioning of any new patrol ships (corvettes).
        Does anyone in The Netherlands has any idea when a "official annoucement" could be made????


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          "Stonewall" wrote: Does anyone in The Netherlands has any idea when a "official annoucement" could be made????
          I look every day by the House of Commons for this type of information, in the first weeks of october a discusion about the defence budget on the role.


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            (click on Karel Doorman photo)

            The design of the Karel Doorman class reflects the increasing priority that the Royal Netherlands Navy gives to survivability. Designed to reduce the Radar, Under Water Noise, Infra-Red and magnetic signatures the ships have an extensive NBCD arrangement.
            The hull design is based on extensive research into seakeeping and propulsion, giving high sustained speed in seaway and a wide weather window for helicopter operation. Equipped with a rudder roll stabilising system.
            Highly automated in machinery control and C³I systems the class has a characteristically low manning level. International interest in the M-frigates as well as changes in the Royal netherlands Navy prompted the sale of two frigates each to Chile, Belgium and Portugal. New names are:
            F827 Leopold 1 Belgium
            F829 Louise Marie Belgium
            F830 Almirante Riveros Chile
            F832 Almirante Blanco Encalada Chile
            F833 Unknown Portugal
            F834 Unknown Portugal


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              The M-frigates for Portugal are Hr.Ms.van Nes (200 and Hr.Ms.van Galen (2009). Both ships get a bigger helicopter deck for the NH-90 helicopter and they get the Portugese navy color.


              Ronald de Hondt
              Met vriendelijke groet,

              Ronald de Hondt


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                "Ronald de Hondt" wrote: Hi,

                The M-frigates for Portugal are Hr.Ms.van Nes (200 and Hr.Ms.van Galen (2009). Both ships get a bigger helicopter deck for the NH-90 helicopter
                and they get the Portugese navy color.


                Ronald de Hondt
                Dear Ronald,

                Are you 100% sure of that?

                But wasn't the flight deck originally designed for the NH-90?

                Another thing...did you heard anything about which will be the NEW NAMES and/or pennant numbers, under Portuguese Flag?



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                  official anouncement on the Portuguese Navy Website

         ... fault.html


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                    Grettings Everyone!


                    Havenbezoek Lissabon

                    Op dit moment ligt Hr. Ms. Van Nes afgemeerd in het centrum van Lissabon voor een havenbezoek van vier dagen.

                    Lees verder..........

                    Dit havenbezoek staat in het teken van de overdracht van twee M-fregatten aan de Portugese Marine. Hr. Ms. Van Nes zal 1 december 2008 worden overgedragen en Hr. Ms. Van Galen op 1 november 2009. De binnenkomst in Lissabon van dit speciale havenbezoek werd gefilmd door een filmploeg van de nationale televisie. De Portugezen kunnen op deze wijze alvast kennis maken met hun toekomstige fregatten en specifiek met Hr. Ms. Van Nes. Het havenbezoek zal o.a. door de Defensie Materieels Organisatie (DMO) worden aangegrepen om de banden met de Portugese Marine verder aan te halen. Gelijktijdig met het havenbezoek vindt een bijeenkomst plaats van de M-class Frigate Group. Dit is een samenwerkingsverband tussen de huidige en toekomstige gebruikers van de M-fregatten; Nederland, Chili, België en in de nabije toekomst Portugal. Er zullen tijdens deze bijeenkomst kaders worden geschapen voor een op te stellen Memorandum of Understanding. Tijdens het havenbezoek organiseert Hr. Ms. Van Nes een cocktailparty waarbij naast de Nederlandse Ambassadeur drs. R.J. van Houtum en diverse hoge Portugese Marine autoriteiten ook een delegatie van de DMO aanwezig is. Voor de lunch aan boord ontvangt de commandant onder andere de Portugese Commandant der Zeestrijdkrachten. Verder worden tijdens het havenbezoek presentaties en rondleidingen verzorgt voor een groot aantal groepen waaronder de Portugese Defensiestaf en de toekomstig nieuwe Portugese commandanten en hoofden van dienst. Ook wordt door de technische en wapentechnische dienst gesproken met hun counterparts van de Portugese Marine over specifieke technische en Damage Control aangelegenheden. Naast een presentatie over de M-fregatten in het algemeen en Hr. Ms. Van Nes in het bijzonder krijgen zij een uitgebreide rondleiding door het schip. Op 10 februari vertrekt Hr. Ms. Van Nes weer naar zee.


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                      "Stonewall" wrote: official anouncement on the Portuguese Navy Website

             ... fault.html
                      Is this a new book ?


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                        [quote]"Bram" wrote:
                        Stonewall schreef
                        official anouncement on the Portuguese Navy Website

               ... fault.html
                        Is this a new book ?


                        It's the official Monthly publication of the Portuguese Navy