Hello all,

I recently visited Rotterdam and picked up a delightful watch relating to your Navy. Unfortunately upon my return to the UK I lost it from my luggage at the airport. However, I liked the watch so much I decided to see if any were available in the UK.

I spoke to a few ex submariners during my search and came accross this wonderful piece (picture attached). It is to commemorate the 100 year history of HM Submarines. I purchased one and I am delighted with it, it really is quality. I thought I would let my friends know that a limited number of these Submariner Chronographs are still available.

If anyone is interested I think if you are calling from overseas the dialling number is 0044 151 222 4825, or they can be emailed at: s.e.wells@hotmail.co.uk

My visit to Rotterdam was superb, I even met a few serving Submariners which was nice. I will be sure to visit again.

In the meantime, I wish you all well.

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