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    May, 7 - 11:17 AM

    Colombian introduced 5 tons of cocaine in U.S.A. arrested in DR

    SANTO DOMINGO. - The Joint Coordination of the National Direction of Drug Control Center (CICC) arrested Colombian national Amílcar Barros Gomez, who was sought by the District of Florida Court, accused of introducing five tons of cocaine in the United States.

    Barros Gomez was arrested during an operative made in Venezuela Avenue, Santo Domingo.

    The prisoner, who was sent yesterday to the United States, is also implicated in the shipment intercepted 150 miles of the coast of Aruba, during an international coordinated operation in which participated the DNCD, Dutch Real Navy
    and the United States DEA, the shipment was aboard the Paola motor-ship, which transported 2,4 tons of cocaine.

    DNCD spokesman, Buena Ventura Torres, explained that CICC agents maintained a permanent vigil, monitoring the Colombian's activities in the country how prepared a boat at the Felix Benítez dock in the Eastern Ozama river side aiming to use it for the drug shipment transport.

    The North American authorities have placed the case of the Paola boat as the fifth in importance in cocaine seizure in international drug trafficking history, in which the DNCD aided greatly by means of quality intelligence work.

    Colombian Barros Gomez was turned over to DEA agents and transported to U.S.A. to be tried by Floridian Courts.

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    I didnt knew that we had a real navy, do we also have a fake one?
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