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1/700 Artitec Dutch Minesweepers resin

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  • 1/700 Artitec Dutch Minesweepers resin

    Hello Everyone:

    Does anyone know if these Dutch Minesweepers are still in production? They came 3 to a kit with 3 generations theme. I'm particularly interested in the Jan van Amstel, WW2 ship that was lost off the Madura Strait. On the Artitec website they show them on their others page.

    Any help you could give me would be most appreciated.

    Bob Pienkos

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    1/700 Artitec Dutch Minesweepers resin

    Hello Bob,

    As far as I know Artitec no longer produces new 1 700 kits. They have decided to concentrate their efforts on the 1350 scale. I don't know if they still produce the 1700 kits that were already released.




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      Thank you for the response Berend. I guess I'll have to try ebay or get lucky maybe someone will have them left over.

      Bob Pienkos


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        HMNLS jan van Amstel

        Art. 55.105 Three minesweepers / mine hunters

        1:700 length: about 7 cm each

        Three generations of minesweepers from the Dutch Navy:

        Jan van Amstel - class: 8 ships of this type were built in 1936-37. They were made of steel. Only one of them survived the second World War, and it can be seen in the Navy museum, Den Helder, Holland.

        Dokkum - class: 32 of these wooden ships started their service between 1955-57. The last one was withdrawn from active duty in 1997.

        Alkmaar - class: These ships were built from 1983-88, and are made of polyester. Their construction was an international project: The Dutch Navy owns 15 ships, the French also 15 and the Belgian Navy 10. Because of the increased 'intelligence' of sea mines, the minesweepers have to be technologically very advanced.

        ARTITEC b.v.
        Papaverweg 29 b
        1032 KE Amsterdam
        The Netherlands
        Tel.: +31 (0)20 4350050
        Fax: +31 (0)20 6372184


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          Thank you Folkert for your help. Bob Pienkos