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  • K XIV

    Hi All,

    HrMs K XIV attacked a so far unidentified (German) submarine near the Cape Verde Islands on 20 November 1942.
    Does someone has more info regarding this attack such as a position.
    gives for 20 november 1942;
    ' U 552 was attacked by a submarine in EJ 7323 and avoided a surface
    runner (torpedo). Another submarine was reported by UD 3 in EH 6941. '

    Dispite the fact these two positions were in different grids EJ vs. EH these positions were quite close together.

    Hope we can link the attack by K XIV to U-552.
    Would also be interesting if the submarine spotted by UD 3 (former Dutch submarine O 25) would possibly be K XIV.

    Kind regards,
    Brian C.

    p.s. een eventueel antwoord mag ook in het Nederlands.

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    Hello Brian,

    During the invasion of North Africa K-XIV was patrolling an area near the Cape Verde Islands. In position 13-05 N/25-50 W a surfaced submarine was detected. It was classified as German and at a distance of around 900 meters K-XIV launched four torpedo's. The old torpedo's from the Netherlands Indies however ran close to the surface and were detected by the Germans. The U-boat turned away, launched two torpedo's from its stern tubes and disappeared.

    No info yet on the UD-3.

    Rob H.


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      Hello Brian and Rob,

      UD 3 (FK Rigele) sighted an unidentified submarine at 0407/21.11.42 in Qu EH 6917 bearing 190° at a range of 2000 meters, the submarine turned away and at 0455/21.11.42 UD 3 made a signal giving her position as Qu EH 6941. UD 3 did not attack and did not report being attacked. I am afraid the KTB does not offer much more. I have not seen K.XIV patrol report: is it located in the Dutch Archives? I have no doubt that U 552 was the submarine attacked by K.XIV.

      Best regards,



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        Hi All,

        Thanks for the answers, it leaves no doubt that it was U-552 that was attacked by K XIV.
        The 'shadow' followed by UD-3 for almost an hour was, according to Roland Berr, most likely U-462 which UD-3 met in the afternoon.

        Kind regards,
        Brian C.


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          Cape Verde


          Interesting to read about the Cape Verde Islands in WW2.

          As far as I understand German U-boots were allowed to shelter in Sao Vicente Island's port, an excellent natural harbour. Could someone elaborate on that? Was there a German base or just some discreet bunkering? The Portuguese govt of course was neutral, but they were running a tightrope between Allied and German interests for a while.

          Meanwhile I did some homework and found some old guns on Sao Vicente: ... guese+guns
          The naval guns used as coastal arty must be really old. The AA guns may be post WW2.

          Anyway the islands must have been a strategic waypoint for the Portuguese Empire for ages. In the 19th century the British discovered Sao Vicente and installed a consul with heaps of coal for passing merchant ships. The island boomed (it had in fact always been deserted for lack of water) and the town, now called Mindelo, became a very interesting stopover for crews as well. These merry times still leave their mark on Sao Vicente's present day nightlife.

          And now? Well, the govt of the Republica de Cabo Verde (again the former communist independence movement) is inching towards the EU and running towards NATO. A huge exercise will take place in june 2006 named Steadfast Jaguar: ... jaguar.htm

          In the near future foreign investment is rumoured to start pouring in...

          By the way, do the Capeverdean Islands play any role in Dutch maritime history? Does anybody know some story or anecdote?

          Kind regards,