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KXII stranded at Fairlight in 1949

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  • KXII stranded at Fairlight in 1949

    The Dutch submarine K12 lies stranded at Fairlight in 1949 and above is a postcard that was for sale while it was a tourist attraction moored along side the Manly Baths. Due to damage to the baths in storms the submarine was towed away on June 5, but the tow rope broke and it was washed onto the rocks where it became an even bigger tourist attraction. It was eventually towed up to the mudflats at Ryde Bridge and cut up for scrap.

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    In 1949, the Dutch submarine, K.XII, ran aground at Fairlight. During WWII it sank atleast three enemy ships, and was also used for reconnaissance work. It was attackedand damaged during the Japanese assault on Indonesia in 1942, and barely made it tothe safety of Sydney. It failed seaworthiness tests, so the decision was made to declareher unfit for further service. After the War, the K.XII was sold to private buyers, and the Manly and Port Jackson Steamship Company took a lease of it. They moored it to a purpose-built berth in the harbour pool at Manly, and charged a shilling admission.During heavy seas in 1949, it was decided to tow it to safer waters, and on June 5th1949 the tug Warang was used to tow it to Neutral Bay. It began to tow it out of Manly Coveinto a southerly swell, but wind and swell combined to break the tow-line, and it ranaground on the sand at Fairlight broadside on. The four crew-men made it to safety. For a year, the submarine lay beached at Fairlight, a new playground for the children ofManly to explore. A salvage syndicate bought the wreck, and in January 1951 it was finally floated clear of Fairlight Beach, and towed to Balls Head Bay, where initialdemolition work was done, and then up the Parramatta River, where it was eventually completely broken up and sold as scrap to Japan. In 1971, remnants of the submarinewere retrieved from the waters off Fairlight, including a hatchway-cover, and in 1977 a final remnant, one of the submarine's diving-planes, was removed by Council workmen