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Crew identification K IX (HMAS K9)

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  • Crew identification K IX (HMAS K9)

    Hello all!

    I am writing to ask if anyone here might have additional information about the
    image attached. The photograph has recently been added to the
    photographic collection of the Australian War Memorial and relates to
    the crew of the K IX submarine but I have only been able to identify two
    of the men pictured, both on the far right, CPO Thomas Britten
    Wesson (above) and CPO Walter Murray Johns (below).
    I would very much like to include the names of all the officers
    pictured in the image caption before the image is made available to the
    public online. While researching the submarine and her crew I noticed
    similar photographs of crew on the website. Any assistance that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    Leisel Suhr

    Australian War Memorial