I am looking for drawings or plans for various Dutch ships of the World War II era. The drawings need to be detailed enough to allow me to build masters in 1/700 scale. This requires both side and overhead plans and if possible the hull design so that the proper hull shape can be determaned. It is my intention to use the masters for the purpose of makeing resin model kits availble to anyone who wants to purchase them through an existing high quality resin model company.

These are the three ships for most interest to me:

1. The destroyers the Germans found under construction in Dutch ship yards. Several of these were apparently taken over by the Germans and finished enough that they made it to see although they never saw action. The Germans list them as the T61-T84. Believe one was started by the firm or ship yard of Wilton-Fijenoord.

2. 1,200 ton gunboats armed with two twin 5" guns that were taken over in Dutch shipyards by the Germans and later used in Norway.

3. The planned Dutch battlecruisers that were never built. Believe a very large scale model exists in a museum in Holland.

These ships interest me the most because all the Dutch cruisers and the main group destroyers are currently available from various resin model companies in 1/700 scale. If you know of any other ships that were particullary interesting and played a role in WWII I would be interested in learning more.

Thank you for any help you can provide.