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I was wondering, what is the Dutch Royal Navy planning when it comes to missile defense?
We have off course the well known combination of Standard-2s and the ESSM, but it would probably fail to neutralize a swarm of Russian Granits (P-700) or Russo-Indian BrahMos supersonic cruise projectiles.
Goalkeeper CIWS effective range is basically too short to respond adequately as well.
- Is the Navy planning on acquiring the SM-6 or has it already done so?
- Are there plans to install RAM-CIWS on the new Multipurpose frigates?

Also a short additional question about anti-ship warfare capabilities, since the Harpoon is old and partly phased out in the USN. Tactical Tomahawks are nice but still subsonic and too expensive for the Dutch Navy (plans to acquire them were cancelled a few years back). Could we say that Russian/non-Western anti ship missiles are currently better? To me, it seems like one of the very few terrains where NATO doesnt have the upper hand (the other one being long range AA capabilities, aka the S400 system).

EDIT: The ONLY supersonic anti-ship missile currently under development by UK/France is the CVS-401 Perseus. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perseus_(missile). US project like the LRSAM were corrected to be subsonic only. I find it very interesting that by the time that particular weapon is operational (2020-25) BrahMos is almost twenty years in service already. It realy seems to be a blind / weak spot in NATO defense planning when it comes to fast anti-ship weapons. Right now a Russian navy group (Kusnetzov + Kirov) is steaming through the North Sea and it's funny to know that we are not really able to destroy them with ships if needed while they could destroy us.