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  • LT. CDR. J.F. van DULM

    Hi everyone,

    In my researches into those U-boats that surrendered into Loch Eriboll on Scotland's far northwestern coast in May 1945, I have happened upon an interested (and mildly amusing) story with a Roya
    l Netherlands Navy Submarine connection.

    U-2326 surrendered into Dundee on 14 May 1945 after some days spent heading for the European mainland following the general capitulation radio instructions. The boat eventually 'surrendered' to Allied aircraft (11th & 12th May 1945) when 60 miles from the Danish coast, to the British frigate HMS VIVIEN at sea 100 miles east of the Scottish coast (13th May), to the British high speed naval launch 2353 (14th May) and finally to the British armed motor drifter HMS TAEPING (again on 14th May), which then escorted U-2326 into Dundee docks.

    Throughout the episode U-2326 was variously directed to Loch Eriboll, then to Edinburgh, and finally to Dundee. Not your usual simple straightforward surrender process then.

    The U-boat commander Karl Jobst and first lieutenant Karl Bertsch were interrogated that day, and the day following
    , though neither spoke much English. The British HQ vessel in Dundee was the oak-timbered sail frigate HMS UNICORN (renamed HMS CRESSY during WW II) dating from 1824.

    Now here is the interesting Dutch connection. Translation assistance during the interrogations was provided by Lt Cdr Jan (Johannes Frans ?) van Dulm of the Royal Netherlands Navy; he was stationed in Dundee with the 9th (British) Submarine Flotilla, which itself was formed of various international boats.

    On completion of the interrogations Lt Cdr van Dulm escorted the two German officers from the venerable old British HMS UNICORN. On leaving, Bertsch struck the warship a smart blow with his head. This was said at the time to be the only recorded war injury ever inflicted by the ship during its entire naval career (see picture below).

    U-2326 Dundee Lt van Dulm RNeN leads Oblt Jobst and Lt Bertsch from HMS UNICORN.jpg

    Dank u wel. Tot ziens.
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    Apparantly, Van Dulm got to HMS Unicorn on his bike (shown to the right).

    But seriously, thank you very much for this great story!
    Daily flogging will continue until the crew's morale improves...!


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      Lt. Cdr. J.F. van Dulm

      Thanks for that Leon.

      Did van Dulm ever write a memoir covering this episode ? Or his time with 9 Submarine Flotilla in Dundee ?

      There is another Royal Netherlands Navy connection with Dundee.

      The former Dutch submarine O 27 was identified after the capitulation as U-D5 when it had been transferred from Norway to Lisahally, Northern Ireland. It was returned to the care of the RNN and sailed for Dundee in July 1945. Repairs and crew re-training took many months, and it was only in February 1946 that the boat could be returned home to the Netherlands. Presumably van Dulm was in Dundee at the time U-D5/O 27 returned to Dundee with a scratch Dutch crew ? Did he record his memories of this incident ?

      Bedankt. Veel plezir. Tot zo.
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        As a matter of fact, the later commodore Van Dulm wrote several books about the Dutch Submarine Service during WW2. I should have to check these books to answer your questions, but I'm afraid I have very little time to do so.

        If you want to find out, please contact the Netherlands Institute for Military History in The Hague (
        Daily flogging will continue until the crew's morale improves...!


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          Thank you once again, Leon.

          I shall contact the reference you suggest.


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            Northern Lightsman wrote:
            There is another Royal Netherlands Navy connection with Dundee.
            Check out this topic for the related story.
            Pim van Wijngaarden