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Dutch compartment numbering system

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  • Dutch compartment numbering system

    Hi, Gents
    During visit HMS Makkum in St.Petersburg this October I’ve noticed that compartment numbering system of the Dutch Navy ships is different from other countries. Belgian mine hunter Narcis (the same Tripartite class) has the numbering looks like US Navy system. Can anyone tell me about the Dutch system in some details?

    A couple of pictures of the HMS Makkum. I'm telling about 2H12A and D2G10


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    2 is second section, H deck, 1 is first compartment, in the 2 on portside, A is hatch.
    D is door, 2 is second section, G deck, 1 is first compartment in the 0 midships.

    Wapenspreuk van Hr.Ms. patrouilleschip Hefring


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      Most important to find the location are the first number in any location code and the following letter. Depending on the size of a ship, this is divided in a number of "moten", literally translated into English is slices, separated by watertight bulkheads. The most forward "moot" (pronounced as moat) is number 1, the following 2 and so on. The letter indicates the deck. H deck is most important; this is the lowest deck where it is possible to walk the length of the ship without having to change decks. Lower decks are J, K, L etc. where the lettes I and O are not used because they could be confused with the numbers 1 and 0. Decks above H are G, F, E, D etc. This way your examples are both in Moot 2 (just fwd of amidships in this case), on H-deck and G deck respectively. Any combination of a moot and a deck results in a compartment.

      Any letters before the first number indicate an object. D is door, SBD is starboard door (implying there is also a port door). After the deck letter you'll find 2 numbers, indicating a watertight subdivision of the compartment. The first number indicates the position from fwd to aft, just like the "moten" but this time within the compartment. The second number indicates the position relative to the ship's heart line. 1 is on SB side, 2 is on port, 0 in the middle and 5 indicates a space on several decks like an engine room, boiler room, elevators etc. Any following letters and numbers indicate further non-watertight subdivisions. This picture (source: illustrates the idea:


      I'm sure more details can be added but with the above you get the general idea.
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        Jan van den Bogert Tpmkr and Paul Joosten thank you both very much. Paul, your explanation with a picture is very usefull!