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Admiralty War Diary 1939-1945

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  • Admiralty War Diary 1939-1945

    There is a wonderful on-line naval history resource that I thought members of this forum would find potentially useful. An American company specializes in digitizing military, naval and aviation documents from the U.S. National Archives. Fold3 operates a subscription service with the documents available over the web. They have a wide variety of U.S. military records from different time periods but what I have made extensive use of is the Royal Navy’s Admiralty War Diary 1939-1945. This war diary is a compilation of enormous numbers of messages sent between various high ranking Royal Navy officers regarding a wide variety of topics. Among the most common types of messages were announcements that certain ships had departed from or arrived at a particular port, or been damaged or sunk. Dutch merchant and naval ships are frequently mentioned. Naval operations off the Netherlands, Netherlands East Indies and in the Caribbean are included. This immense document with thousands of pages can be fully explored using the website’s search function. There is a free seven day trial available.

    Mark C. Jones