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  • OJR 1 to 6, H7, 8

    I'm working on a book on the Higgins PTs, among which were 20 70' boats originally intended for Finland but acquired by the RN and RNN. The book will be along the lines of John Lambert and my Allied Coastal Forces of World War II, so it will include many technical drawings. Although I've looked for years, the only official plans of this type I've ever found are a preliminary general arrangement which does not actually match the finished boat. I've been on the NIHM site many times and have been provided photos and other material by a colleague in Finland and two in The Netherlands, both of whom appear to inhabit this site Hi Jan and Jan.

    So, beyond what I've listed, has anyone come across material on these boats that might be useful? I'd be particularly interested in photos of the first six boats after arming. NIHM has some great shots of them being offloaded, but they are unarmed.

    Al Ross